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Does Santa Fe offer enough critical content?

We often hear from our arts + culture community (that’s you!) that Santa Fe needs more venues for critical content about the visual arts. While we’re grateful for Pasatiempo, The Magazine, the Santa Fe Arts Journal, and the Reporter, for example, there is just not enough coverage of the arts in proportion to the growing metropolis that the Santa Fe-Albuquerque corridor has become.

One of the greatest assets ArtBeat Santa Fe has to offer you are our interviews and blogs, conducted and written by an actual practicing art historian who has lived and worked for decades in Northern New Mexico.

While I’d love to write non-stop about each and every one of you, I still have to pay the rent. So, we’ll have to continue with our current model of getting paid for our interviews. However, we thought it would be fun to give away some exposure to someone or something you think is under-recognized.

Nominate a fellow creative to be the subject of an ArtBeat Santa Fe blog!*

We’re open to content: choose an exhibition (and/or its curator), a gallery, an artist, an event, a social issue, your upcoming book or special project, or a residency program you’d like to see us blog about.

Text, call, or email me for details, at 505/424.6868,

All my best,

Kathryn M Davis

*Nominate via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or by email at

**All nominees must be subscribed to our mailing list to be considered.

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