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Announcing Locals for Locals, a new ABSF miniseries

Members of Santa Fe's arts & culture community!

Announcing a new weekly miniseries

Locals for Locals

Airing on Facebook and YouTube every Thursday at 4pm

Coming to you soon!

Here’s how it works:

  • Send me an email telling me that you’re interested, with a link to your info.

  • We’ll schedule an interview with you. Some of the questions we’re interested in include:

  • Why are you in Santa Fe? How long have you been here? Did you come back after growing up here? Why?

  • What keeps you in Santa Fe?

  • What does Santa Fe need to do to keep you in town?

  • What would you tell someone who’d never lived here about the realities of supporting yourself in the City Different?

  • You talk openly about your experience with long-time local Kathryn M Davis.

  • We record your interview early in the week, with three versions:

  • A 30-second teaser that we post on social media during the week

  • A short (two to three minutes) video that airs on Facebook every Thursday at 4pm, with a link to your longer (20 to 30 minutes) interview on our YouTube channel.

  • We send you an MP4 to post to your website and social media, and for emailing.

How much does this incredible service cost? It’s yours for ONLY


This offer is good to all members of the Santa Fe arts and culture community.

Artists: If you have a gallery, ask them if they’d like to work with us!

Kathryn M Davis

Art Historian and principal, ArtBeat Santa Fe

* + new mexico gross receipts tax; invoice payable upon delivery of services

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