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Quik has proven to be one of our most successful tools.

We recently started making these “videos” and posting them, and they have really bumped our numbers up!


Our social media pro Leah Naxon put together this sample Quik Video for you to look at, with some case study analytics:


  • Richard Levy Gallery’s QV analytics for the mid-August exhibition Pilgrimage, by artists Joanne Lefrak with Hakim Bellamy, and Beau Carey, show the benefits of posting images on

    • Instagram, where we got nearly 4,000 impressions.

    • For Facebook, the same QV brought us over 1300 impressions.

    • Altogether, more than 5,000 accounts accessed our QV.

  • Donald Roy Thompson, whose exhibition The Illusive Dimension of Color opened in early September at Peyton Wright Gallery, doesn’t even use social media, but his fans sure do!

    • We were delighted when over 7,000 Instagrammers saw his QV.

  • Charlotte Jackson Fine Art has been a solid client of ArtBeat Santa Fe’s, and she really noticed the numbers go up when we posted a QV for John Beech. His exhibition, Outside the Drift, opened in early September, and landed 6,600 impressions on Instagram.

  • Most recently, artist Shirley Klinghoffer’s Love Armor Project at CCA QV reached over 10,000 Grammers!


The takeaway: Quik offers a fresh way to be part of our contemporary visual culture. Let us help promote your visual art with a social media app that is visual, immediate, and vital.

Not only is Chuck Arnoldi an important LA artist, his anecdotes are priceless, and his good humor and intelligence are irrepressible. These analytics show what you might expect from letting ArtBeat Santa Fe interview one of your most renowned artists: You’re going to get good numbers all the way around.

The takeaway: Be sure to cross tag, post, and subscribe so that everyone benefits from the great fortune of representing a famous artist. It’s good for the gallery and all of its artists, it’s good for ABSF, and it’s good for the whole arts community to get and keep the buzz going!

Relevant statistics as follows:

Facebook- through 11 posts we reached 2,230 people with 58 engagements. 91 viewers watched a total of 40 minutes.

Youtube- 180 viewers watched a total of 675 minutes, with an average duration of 3 minutes and 44 seconds.

Instagram- through 7 posts we reached 1,652 people with 188 engagements.

Twitter- through 14 posts we reached 1,788 people with 11 engagements.

Charles Arnoldi

Charlotte Jackson Fine Art

Mokha Laget is a highly intelligent and engaging person; she is a simultaneous interpreter and reads philosophy in English and French like I read the Sunday comics. Steeped in Modern art history, Laget’s geometric paintings reference dimensionality and the color and hard edges of the Washington Color School, as well as a contemporary concern with the semiotics of vocabulary and meaning.


What I’ve noticed in examining her case study is that, as you might expect, her viewers give her a bit of time. The average view time of her YouTube interviews is high at just over eight minutes, as compared to a usual engagement of one to three minutes. Her viewers know she is about substance!


The takeaway: Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that Laget’s audience will become yours.


Relevant statistics as follows:

Facebook- through 4 posts we reached 1,684 people with 41 engagements. 618 viewers watched a total of 319 minutes.

Youtube- 16 viewers watched a total of 130 minutes, with an average duration of 8 minutes and 8 seconds.

Instagram- between 2 posts we reached 529 people with 58 engagements.

Twitter- through 4 posts we reached 321 people with 8 engagements.

Mokha Laget

David Richard Gallery

Jared Weiss is an incredible painter who knows his medium; I really enjoyed our interview together.


What his analytics show is the benefits of working with an emerging, local artist whose audience is comfortable with social media. Our broadcasts reached nearly a thousand people on Facebook and Twitter separately. As you might expect, even though we don’t do interviews on Instagram (they only allow for a minute or two), Jared got a lot of views there, too—nearly 500.


The takeaway: Local, emerging artists are excellent subjects; they are often very approachable as well as academically savvy. Their friends will watch, and tell their friends to watch; and you will watch your numbers go up. Plus, you get major street cred for supporting a local artist!

Relevant statistics as follows: 

Facebook- through 5 posts we reached 1,746 people with 103 engagements. 229 viewers watched a total of 86  minutes.

Youtube- 20 viewers watched a total of 20 minutes, with an average duration of 1 minute and 7 seconds.

Instagram- through 2 posts we reached 494 people with 23 engagements.

Twitter- through 6 posts we reached 978 people with 23 engagements.

Jared Weiss

form & concept

Broken Boxes, curated by Ginger Dunnill & Cannupa Hanska Luger

For me, Broken Boxes, an exhibition that included contemporary Native artists with whom the curators already had a strong social media presence (through Dunnill’s eponymous podcast), was both a labor of love and an example of how a group show can reward you with good social media numbers. We did several interviews about this exhibition, including curator Dunnill and artists Douglas Miles and Freyr A. Marie.


Statistically, it indicates what we know to be true for a younger audience: Facebook is not as popular as Instagram, which reached nearly a thousand viewers. Perhaps surprisingly, our Twitter numbers were quite high at just over 1700. What is not surprising is the number of minutes Broken Boxes and ABSF racked up on YouTube: nearly 300.


The takeaway: Obviously, a group show will garner a lot of views on social media, as every artist has their fans and family. Even better, though, is the opportunity to promote an event you believe in to an audience who is already in your corner. Hold the exhibition, make the social media content, and an audience will follow.

Relevant statistics as follows:

Facebook- through 11 posts we reached 3,830 people with 323 engagements. 1,601 viewers watched a total of  974 minutes.

Youtube- 82 viewers watched a total of 289 minutes, with an average duration of 3 minutes and 9 seconds.

Instagram- through 3 posts we reached 947 people with 89 engagements.

Twitter- through 11 posts we reached 1,714 people with 17 engagements.

Broken Boxes

form & concept

BFA Thesis Exhibitions, December 2017

Santa Fe University of Art + Design

With the upcoming closing of Santa Fe’s University of Art and Design, we wanted to make sure the December graduates felt the love. ABSF did a series of interviews with each artist, featuring Sarah Canelas, Davis Craig, and Hector Hernández in their exhibition titled Control, held in the Southwest Annex Gallery; and in the Fogelson Library, Sam Fe’s Semipermanent.


As might be expected, these young people know how to use social media! Their numbers tell the story: Very simply, we reached over 4300 viewers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


The takeaway: Show works by young artists and let them work the magic of social media for you!

Relevant statistics as follows:

Facebook- through 10 posts we reached 1,342 people with 355 engagements. 526 viewers watched a total of 381 minutes.

Youtube- 18 viewers watched a total of 36 minutes, with an average duration of 1 minutes and 42 seconds.

Instagram- through 6 posts we reached 1,807 people with 162 engagements.

Twitter- through 16 posts we reached 1,262 people with 9 engagements.


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