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ArtBeat Santa Fe serves our arts and culture community through social-media broadcasting. We come to your venue and put together a package of interviews with you, your gallery director, or curator; and with your artists, guests, or speakers. We do not restrict our coverage to art events; if there’s a particularly juicy city issue, for example, we’d love to dive into it with you!


ArtBeat’s interviews run initially on social as short teasers, and are always available as complete interviews on YouTube. We’ve promoted parties using Instagram stories; our favorite upcoming calendar events are shared on our Facebook and Twitter pages, using the hashtag #ArtBeatRecommends! We promote the day and time of your event on our social media accounts; you are encouraged to do the same. The purpose of the interview is to drive the appropriate audience to your event.


Please note that ArtBeat does not focus on featuring images of art, as there are much better resources for that, including your website and other online sites, the print publications you choose to advertise in, and, best of all, in person. Our job, as we see it, is to provide content and context that will enhance your presence within your community (and make you irresistible to potential clients)!

Welcome to ArtBeat Santa Fe!

Welcome to ArtBeat Santa Fe!

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Kathryn M Davis is the principal and host of the recently re-formed ArtBeat Santa Fe, a social-media project covering the arts of Northern New Mexico. Davis is an art historian, writer/editor, and curator who specializes in modern and contemporary visual arts and critical theory. Based in New Mexico, she is a contributing writer for various Santa Fe–area and national magazines, including THE and Trend magazines. For about five years until last fall, Davis hosted ArtBeat, a weekly, live radio show about art that aired on Hutton Broadcasting stations. Previously, she taught art history at Santa Fe University of Art and Design and the College of Santa Fe, and at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She is currently teaching art history at the Santa Fe Community College, and a non-credit summer course called "Demystifying Contemporary Art" in the Tank Garage gallery at the Center for Contemporary Arts. 



Leah Naxon, our social media assistant and cameraperson, recently graduated with a BFA in Studio Art from Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Naxon plans to stay in Santa Fe until she goes off to graduate school in a few years. She's recently shown her fiber installations at BetterDay Coffee, and is a participating artist in the 2017-2018 SITE Scholars Exhibition that takes place this fall in the SITElab.

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